Our Vision

Our Vision: 

Remain devoted to all aspects of satisfying our clients and make sure they get beyond what they paid for!

Remain internationally known as one of the top reliable Raw Virgin Hair Companies on the market around the world! We've created budget economy brackets where EVERYONE can splurge in the state of comfort. We provide compelling shopping experiences while focusing on customer care! We educate each and every client on the AUTHENTICITY of raw virgin hair and not the BRAINWASHED "man made" definition of what the industry has "made it out to be" for a higher profit! Also, to never become a business whose overall main focus is STRICTLY PROFIT, but to operate a universal virgin hair company rooted off love for the products we sell and the people who purchase it and pure talent that will continue to allow us to be a vessel to distribute luxury raw hair globally!

Hair Graffitti Staff:

As an experienced international Raw Virgin Hair supplier, trust us when we tell you, you don't have to go in debt to wear expensive hair extensions!

As a brand, here at Hair Graffitti our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a variety of hair products that's lavish and worthwhile!

We carry exclusive elite market virgin hair at an affordable price because you DESERVE IT! Therefore, we pride ourselves on sourcing only 100% UNPROCESSED HUMAN HAIR that contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic fibers! Meaning, with a boost of proper care your extensions can be reused LIMITLESS! 

We guarantee you, that with our hair you'll undergo a longer lifespan then any average hair company you've tried in the past. Reason being, the pure authenticity of our hair is a "RARE FIND" meaning we only purchase hair from manufacturers overseas that only sell to SELECT legit businesses throughout the world. When you purchase from us, your hair is beyond from "regular" store bought or online hair. So cherish it and wear it proudly! 

We strongly promote PROTECTIVE STYLING with versatility while allowing your natural hair to dodge the bullet from excessive heat, harsh relaxers and everyday wear and tear. With our hair you can freely style your extensions any way you desire without the stress of worrying about the aftermath of damaged or over processed hair.

We want all our clients to be able to "SPICE IT UP" and step out their comfort zone and try the many new lengths and textures we now carry! Our hair is ideal for stylists, wig makers, or if you like to use your hair for multiple reinstall's without purchasing new hair frequently.  

We admire a saying "ANYTHING LESS, ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH". Which means, we give our clients more then whats expected and nothing less! We've been blessed to build trusted professional relationships with all our clients that we value deeply!