Our Brand Story

Brooke Walton, a Chicago native, was gifted with an amazing talent of braiding hair. Her mother knew she had a passion for braiding at an early age because Brooke always asked her mom "Ma, can I practice in your hair". Her mother never knew what actually she was practicing for. bur always allowed Brooke to play in her hair. Brooke would grab the comb, brush and grease and start "creating" styles.

This was a regular thing for Brooke as a small child. As she grew older and started to get better, her mother knew that one day she would become a stylist. Brooke would ask her mother how to do certain styles and her mother would only have to show her ONCE. Brooke mother said "it just came so natural to her". All she had to do was look and she had it! 

Coming from a family of all women, hair was all she knew. Surprisingly, EVERYONE in her family was a professional stylist. All the way from her great grandmother, grandmother and her mother, hair has always been a top priority in her house hold.

If you were to ever go over Brooke's house, you would come in with one hairstyle & leave out with a whole new look! Hair for Brooke back then was "something fun to do" not knowing that one day it will create future opportunities for her!

Brooke is the oldest of 2 girls (her younger sister who goes by the name "Ratt") a name given by their deceased grandfather. Ratt as well as Brooke, were raised by their single mother who has always supported any career paths they chose to pursue. Despite the past obstacles Brooke has endured in her life, she NEVER gave up on her talent. Doing hair was her escape from whatever was going on around her. She always knew that if she continued doing hair that one day her "hair hustle" would pay off.

According to her family and clients, they always considered her to be a "braiding visionary". She always looked at hair from a different perspective then normal stylist. She loved braiding hair literally EVERYDAY! Everyone loved her work and she never had a problem with finding clientele, because they always found HER! Her work ALWAYS spoke for itself.  

Throughout her younger years she always withheld a good RETURNING clientele. Being from Chicago, she always got clients through word of mouth. No business cards, no social media postings, just pure word of mouth. She used the phrase, "walked in as strangers & left out as friends" because she considered ALL her clients family. Everyone loved how down to earth she was. Very laid back, OVERWHELMING sense of humor and just an all around "girl next door". She always took time out to listen to their needs and gave positive criticism when need be.

As she grew older,, she did hair so much, her once passion started to fade away. At this point, Brooke was starting to consider stepping away from doing hair for a while. 

She has always been more then just "a pretty girl with the nice body". Brooke has always gotten tons of compliments on her curvy shape & beautiful appearance on her hair & makeup. Everywhere she went people always asked if she modeled. Brooke never considered modeling because she said  " I'm to shy, it's just not my type of thing". Little did she know, someone had anonymously submitted photos of her to a modeling agency in Los Angeles and was surprisingly contacted to come in for a promo photoshoot. At that time Brooke wasn't ready to leave her comfort zone (Chicago) just yet. So, she postponed her photoshoot & decided to give it a last try at "this hair thing" as she puts it. She wanted to see if doing hair was really for her before she started a new career venture in another state.

Immediately after, she started attending hair seminars, getting involved in beauty workshops and hair shows just to be around others in that field. Little did she know, she had enjoyed it far what she anticipated & it brought forth so many opportunities that she never knew existed.

So, a close friend of hers suggested she start her own business. After researching everything, she started her own hair hairline on her birthday, April 14th, 2014 (her gift to herself) called 41425 Virgin Hair Collection, months later she renamed it Brooke the Hair Legend. A year later she renamed it Hair Hustle Virgin Hair Company. She stuck with that for about a year but still felt she wasn't getting the right buzz from it. She wanted something original but screamed out creativity & dopeness! After 3 long months, she finalized it to Hair Graffitti Virgin Hair Company & has been going by this name ever since. Hair Graffitti, welcomes all walks of life to "feel & look like a celebrity but for HALF the price". Brooke works only with the top manufactures WORLDWIDE to distribute the best virgin hair at affordable prices.

As time went on, her passion for braiding stopped for good. Her hair business continued but she wanted to expand it by offering additional services to her clients. So as we all know, hair trends change unexpectedly. So, when lace frontals & wearing custom units started to become popular, that's when Brooke knew she had to learn more about it. She started to practice customizing her own personal wigs & as time went on, the better she had gotten at it! She had redeveloped a passion for hair she once thought was gone. Over the course of 4 years, she took every trial & error and turned it into an ADDICTION for making custom wigs. Urging for the need to explore with the different techniques of making custom wigs, she was convinced that this was her calling. She has ventured out to making custom units for a few LHH celebrities, popular YouTubers and Instagram Moguls and some of her clients that's been with her from the beginning.

So currently Brooke has decided to take flight and join the hair industry with great intentions on helping women and men locally and internationally to find their "inner pretty". Brooke feels that a new weave, brings out the exotic side in a person. She says wearing weave give you "HAIR BI-POLAR". Meaning,  for every new texture, new length or a switch up of color, it brings out a new personality you never knew existed. She always says, "if you buy a custom unit and it doesn't make you feel like a new person, RETURN IT & get a FULL REFUND".  

Brooke has been blessed to have her talent noticed by some of the best well-known social media celebrities, popular hairstylists & beauty influencer's in the beauty and hair  industry. They agreed to take her under their wing & mentor her so that she can continue to perfect & showcase her skills to the world. Brooke plans on continuing her hair line but later on in the Spring of 2019 she'll be a traveling custom wig instructor & hosting seminars and popup shops. 

She has so many great projects coming up in the Spring of 2019, so stick around because Brooke Walton is someone you don't want to miss out on!